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Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we stock the Timloc Thin Leading Edge Profiled Roof Tile Vent in 5 colours including Terracotta, Brown, Grey, Red and Black


Profiled roof tile vent to enable ventilation directly into a roof space or connect to a ducted ventilation system.



  • On roofs with Thin Leading Edge profile roof tiles
  • Enables ventilation directly into a roof space
  • Can also be connected to a ducted ventilation system inside the building


Available in single, box and pallet quantities.


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Timloc RTV-TE | Thin Leading Edge Roof Tile Vent

    • Suitable for roofs with a minimum pitch of 20°
    • Free ventilation area of 10,000mm2
    • Sized to replace one Thin Leading Edge tile to provide a continuous visual appearance along the roof when viewed at all levels
    • Shaped to manage and channel rainwater back down onto the roof tiles and away from the vent opening
    • 4mm spaced external grille to prevent rainwater ingress and keep out large insects, vermin and debris
    • Integrated clips to ensure a secure fit to surrounding roof tiles
    • UV stabilised top for continuous exposure to sunlight
    •  Lightweight and easy to handle