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Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we stock the Timloc RTV-ADS Standard Roof Tile Vent Adapter in Black.


Duct adapter for Timloc Large Format Inline Roof Tile Vents


  • To provide Timloc Roof Tile Vents with a 110mm duct or soil vent pipe connection


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Timloc RTV-ADS | Standard Roof Tile Vent Adapter

Colour: Black
    • Compatible with all Timloc Large Format Inline Roof Tile Vents RTV-C / RTV-DP / RTV-DR / RTV-TE / RTV-FE / RTV-NP
    • The adapter reduce the maximum free vent are of the system from 10,000mm2 to 8,600mm2
    • Simply click into position to secure the adapter to base of the tile vent
    • Provides a precise fit to 110mm duct or Soil Vent Pipe
    • Duct can be secured to the adapter with adjustable screw clamps, zip ties or glued/screwed