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Hybrid polymer bonding adhesive

Fix ALL® X-treme Power Express has been developed for the immediate bonding of extremely heavy materials. Fix ALL® X-treme Power Express is capable of carrying loads of up to 400 kg/m² with its incredible initial grab strength. The fast setting adhesive is hand tight after only 30 minutes. After complete cure the strength of the bond is even higher.


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Fix ALL X-treme Power Express Bonding and Construction Adhesive

    • Extremely high initial tack (400 kg/m²)
    • Very fast build-up of strength
    • Fixed in 30 minutes
    • Good workability
    • Stays flexible after curing and very durable
    • No odour
    • Good weather and UV resistance
    • Excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces, even if damp
    • Paintable with waterbased paints
    • Non-staining on porous surfaces such as marble, granite and other natural stones