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Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we stock the Sandtoft Standard Pattern Antique No2.


Easy to install and highly durable, this tile is ideal for re-roofing and comes in convenient banded packs of eight.


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Sandtoft Standard Pattern

  • Minimum Roof Pitch:
    17.5° at a minimum of 100mm headlap
    22.5° at a minimum of 75mm headlap
    30° for all sandfaced colours regardless of headlap

    Covering Capacity:
    16.4 tiles per m2 at 75mm headlap
    17.9 tiles per m2 at 100mm headlap

    Maximum Weight Per Sqm: 53.7 kg

    Quantity Per Pallet: 360

    Length x Width 380 x 230 mm
    Cover Width 200 mm
    Hanging Length 355 mm
    Profile Depth 40 mm
    Minimal Batten Gauge 260 mm
    Maximum Batten Gauge 305 mm