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We stock the Marley Eternit Hawkins Clay Roof Tile in a variety of different colours including Staffordshire Mixture and Staffordshire Blue.


Size of Tile 265mm x 165mm.


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Marley Eternit Hawkins Clay Roof Tiles

    • Minimum Pitch 30°
    • Maximum Pitch 90°
    • Minimum Headlap 65mm (roof)  5mm (vertical)
    • Maximum Gauge 100mm (roof)  115mm (vertical)
    • Cover Width 165mm (nominal)
    • Covering Capacity 60 tiles/m² at 100mm gauge (roof)  53 tiles/m² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
    • Weight of Tiling 64kg/m² (0.63 kN/m²) at 100mm gauge (roof)  56g/m² (0.55 kN/m²) at 115mm gauge (vertical)
    • Battens Required 0 lin.m/m² at 100mm gauge (roof)  8.7 lin.m/m² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
    • Batten Size Recommended 38mm x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres
    • Tile Nails 38mm x 2.65mm