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Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we stock the Condron Senior Slate Roof Tile, in 3 different colours, Anthracite, Country Red and Turf Brown.


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Condron Senior Slate Roof Tile

    • Size    420mm X 330mm
    • Pitch  17 1/2° minimum
    • Pitches Below  17 1/2°
    • Headlap 30 Degree and above  75mm
    • Headlap BELOW 30 Degrees  100mm
    • Gauge maximum  345mm
    • Covering Capacity (at 345mm gauge net)  9.75 tiles per m2
    • Surface   Smooth
    • Weight (approx) per 1,000 tiles  4.5 tonnes
    • Batten size for rafters not exceeding 450mm c/c     44mm X 35mm
    • Batten size for rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c     44mm X 35mm