Cembrit Jutland Cement Fibre Slates

Cembrit Jutland Cement Fibre Slates

Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we stock Cembrit Jutland Cement Fibre Slates.

Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates are attractive, flat, square-edged slates, manufactured to the highest European standards. These slates are perfect for widescale jobs, as well as residential jobs, due to their lightweight nature.

Jutland slates are manufactured by using Portland cement, together with non-asbestos formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres.


  • Lightweight
  • Pre-holed, making installation faster
  • Suitable for all types of projects
  • Ease of handling and installation
  • Durable
  • Economic alternative to natural slate
  • Non-asbestos forumation
  • Vermin and rot proof
  • Good resistance to chemical attack (prolonged exposure will cause surface degradation)
  • Compatible with most building materials – except those vulnerable to alkaline attack
  • Frost resistant – satisfy requirements of BS EN 492: 2004 section 7.4.1
  • Exceed the requirements of Class B (the highest) of BS EN 492: 2004 giving an average bending moment greater than 50 Nm/m
  • Awarded Environmental Profile Certificate
  • Class 0 surface as defined by various national building regulations
    • BS 476: Part 3 1958 EXT.SAA
    • BS 476: Part 3 1975 Class P60


  • Suitable for any building, whether it is commercial or residential
  • Minimum pitch of 20° if moderate exposure
  • Minimum pitch of 25° if severe exposure
  • Cut using traditional method of scribing and breaking over a straight edge (angle grinders not recommended)
  • Additional fixing holes must be drilled using a 4.5mm drill bit, and should not be less than 20mm from the edge


  • Finished with a high-quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating on the top surface and edges
  • Tinted, high performance binder to the bottom surface
  • Acrylic coating reduces potential growth of moss and lichen