Marley Acme Double Camber Clay Plain Roof Tile – Burnt Flame

Manthorpe SmartVerge PP Ambi Dry Verge

RubbaTrim External Corner (Fixings)

RubbaTrim Gutter 2500mm (Clips and Fixings)

RubbaTrim Edge 2500mm (Clips and Fixings)

Condron M-Profile Tiles (Anthracite and Turf Brown)

We stock the Condron Concrete Slate Roof Tiles, in two different colours, Anthracite and Turf Brown.


Condron Concrete Slate Tile Flat (Anthracite and Turf Brown)

Bulk bag materials (building sand, sharp sand, MOT, ballast and 20mm gravel)

Breedon Mono Ridge

Breedon Universal Angle Ridge