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Tiles moving and becoming dislodged – What could be the cause?

Tiles moving is a very common issue customers will often call about, particularly when they have interlocking low pitch tiles such as Marley Anglia tiles.  If tiles appear to be moving at the bottom of a client’s rooftop, it’s likely the issue can be resolved relatively quickly and easily.

What could be causing my client’s roof tiles to move?

If tiles are moving, its likely being caused by rotten battens under the tiles. This happens when the wind blows the rainwater under the roof tiles, causing the battens in the bottom metre of the roof to get damp and over time rot including the nails which fix them.

As the battens begin to rot away, any interlocking low pitch tiles such as Marley Anglia tiles can begin to move and dislodge from one another exposing gaps which if not repaired will in time cause substantial leaks.

You will know if this is the case, as the movement of the tiles will become very visible (example below)

What can be done to fix moving tiles?

If tiles are moving at the bottom of the roof, its likely the damp has only affected the bottom one metre of a roof and there should be no need for a re-roof, however the battens on the bottom one meter of your roof will need to be replaced, and the tiles re-fitted or replaced. A very quick and simple fix if you have the right materials.

How can we help?

If you have a client in worried about their tiles moving and dislodging, we can help! Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we can provide a free no obligation quotation for roofing materials and tools you need such as specially treated battens, replacement any interlocking low pitch tiles such as Marley Anglia tiles and much more. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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