Tips for safely decorating your roof

With December approaching, seasonal external home decorations are often an exciting prospect, particularly when you want to grab the attention of the jolly man in red. But it’s important to always make sure decorations are put up safely and securely to avoid disaster, or serious damage both to roof and yourself.

Here at Kidderminster Roofing Supplies ltd, we always prioritise roof safety, and this blog aims to share our top tips to roof safety when decorating the exterior of a home.

Check the decorations are in full working order

Prior to securing the decorations to a home, first ensure the decorations are in full working order, by testing them. Ensure there are no frayed wires which could cause a fire risk.

Check they are the right decorations for exterior use

It’s often easy to confuse internal home lights for external home lights, however it is important to ensure internal decorations are not used for external use, particularly if they are powered by electricity, as they could pose a fire risk when exposed to water.

Use a safe, secure ladder or scaffolding

When using a ladder – always ensure you are using a ladder long enough to reach the areas you need to hang your decorations. Ensure you tie the ladder off at the top, and that you have someone else available to foot the ladder at the bottom, to prevent it slipping.

When using scaffolding – scaffolding should always be erected by a professional. Once erected, a ground inspection should be made to ensure all sections are fitted correctly. Once this check is done you can access the scaffold using the correct ladder only. When working on top of the scaffold, do not be tempted to work outside of or above safety handrails. Always ensure you only use the scaffolding within its perimeters.

Avoid working in wet conditions

Prevent the risk of slipping and falling by avoiding working under wet, slippery conditions after rain, snow, or frost. Ensure your property and your tools such as your ladder or scaffolding are bone dry, and safe.

Clear the roof and gutters

When hanging decorations, always ensure the roof and gutters are clear of as much moss, debris and dead leaves as possible, both to avoid slipping, but also to reduce a fire hazard risk which could be caused if lights are placed too close to dead leaves.

Avoid using nails!

Avoid using nails, tacks, screws or staples when securing roof decorations, as these can permanently damage your roof and guttering. Instead, opt for using insulated hooks to secure decorations to reduce fire risk as well as reduce the risk of damage.

Ensure the decorations are secure!

Reduce the risk of the elements such as the wind blowing the decorations down and causing damage.

Lights should be turned off when going to bed or leaving the house

Lights should always be turned off when going to bed or leaving the house to ensure they are always being monitored to avoid a fire hazard as well as reducing energy waste. We recommend putting your lights on a timer to avoid forgetting.

Be safe when removing decorations

Avoid pulling decorations down by the wire, as this can cause serious damage to your gutters and roof. Instead, ensure a secure ladder or scaffold is set up to remove the decorations carefully and safely. Ensure decorations are removed under dry conditions to avoid slipping.

How can we help?

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